The grass may be greener on the other side...

... but it still has to be mowed.

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28 March 1974
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I had a profile, but I am currently experiencing a, what? third-life crisis? No, not the right word. More like a changing of the thought patterns, a rearranging of the priorities. Anyways, I deleted my profile.

I left my interests up there, and most of them are still pretty relevant.
80's music, 99 luftbalons, 99 red balloons, andy stone, angel, animals, anne rice, arthritis, autumn, baking, barenaked ladies, bette midler, black eyeliner, blues brothers, bnl, bones, bones the series, bonnie tyler, books, boots, british spellings, canon in d, cars, chick-lit, chris peterson, cleaning, coach, comedies, computers, cooking, corsets, customers_suck, daria, deception pass, dooney & bourke, dr. temperance brennan, dvds, emily laine, england, erma bombeck, evanescence, fairies, family guy, fantasy, feminism, fiction, forensic anthropology, friendly people, friends, futurama, gardening, ghost hunting, ghost stories, ghosts, glass akira, gucci, handbags, happiness, haunted houses, hauntings, haunts, hey mickey, humor, humour, interesting peoples, jacob towans, jade akira, james selwyn, jet, johnny depp, jokes, kate spade, kathy reichs books, katie macallister, kay scarpetta, laughing, laughter, like, love, lust, lv, making love, markus green, mary mcmally, matt, metallica, milo's, milo's sweet tea, mini skinnies, movies, mp3s, murray head, my chemical romance, mysteries, nine inch nails, not cleaning, panties, paranormal, paranormal romance, patrick wolf, pets, pixies, playing with my husband, playing with the dog, prada, pretty hate machine, princess bride, pro-choice, purses, questionable content, rasputina, reading, reproductive rights, salem, sarcasm, satire, seely booth, sims 2, snuggling, steppenwolf, stewie, swarovski, sweet tea, temperance brennan, the blues brothers, the mission, the sims, the sims 2, the sims2, the witch hysteria, this velvet oblivion, thunderstorms, tim burton, tristan payne, vampires, victoria's secret, violent femmes, watching my husband, witch trials, wristlets, xanth

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